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Who We Are

"The best time spent is time outdoors"  

We have set up this site for ALL trail enthusiasts. Our goal here is to promote the many outdoor activities that this beautiful state has to offer, starting with snowmobiling.

We, as well as our fathers before us, have spent our whole lives riding snowmobile and ORV trails. We obtain a passion for it as well as thousands of others do in this state. We relate and feel for all who do the five to six day work grind each week, we are one of them. We believe that with our many contacts and resources we have built up through the years we can provide THE MOST ACCURATE trail site for you.

We have designed our site so YOU can help us build it as well. We encourage all input and invite you to share your stories with us. Our site will always be changing and improving. Please bear with us through all of our "Grooming" periods.

Snowmobiling is our passion and the outdoors is in our souls. We invite you all along for the ride.






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